USJM Accredits Hostels


After a competitive bidding process, USJM has accredited four (4) hostels to accommodate students beginning August 2018. The unsuccessful bidders were requested to improve their hostel to meet USJM standards for future consideration.  USJM Management considered the following (among others) when accrediting the Hostels:

  1. Security,
  2. Sanitation,
  3. Conducive environment in the neighborhood,
  4. Availability and reliability of utilities (power and water),
  5. Location- distance to and from the University,
  6.  Ability to offer other related services (such as cafeteria, photocopying and printing )

The Following Hostels were accredited:

  1. Yozefu Hostel- For males

    20180416_092739 20180416_092748 20180416_092811 20180416_092816 20180416_092846 20180416_092911 20180416_092922

    2. Cape Villa – For Females


2. OLGC Hostel – For Females

DSCN7397 DSCN7398 DSCN7399 DSCN7400



4. Divine  Mercy – For males


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