Aheebwa Sandra

Assistant Systems Administrator


It Infrastructure support

  • Maintenance of Computer hardware and all related peripherals in good working condition. 
  • The USJM Computing Services Unit develops and maintains Periodic (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly, Yearly) Maintenance Manuals for both the Computer Hardware and all related peripherals which are approved by the University ICT Committee and eventually University Management.

Web Services

  • USJM provides web Services for purpose of disseminating information within the university and to the internet. This is achieved through the use of the University website and intranet Services all under the University ’s main domain name structure.
  • Management and control of all existing web Services/pages under the University’s domain name

Business Application Support

  • USJM Computing Services Unit ensures that Business Applications are maintained at the most recent version to support any changes in business processes at USJM.

Electronic Mail Services

  • USJM Computing Services Unit provides each member of staff and student with an e-mail address under the official university domain name structure.
  • The Electronic Mail service comprises of a web interface, providing facilities for creating, addressing, sending, receiving and forwarding messages both within and outside the university network. Account usernames and addresses will be assigned to users as appropriate.
  • Creates and distributes email lists used for purposes related to teaching, course work, research and administration at USJM.

E-learning Services

  • The university ensures the maintenance of appropriate infrastructure to enable reliable and effective access to online courseware and other web resources ubiquitously.
  • The University develops an appropriate Managed Learning Environment which ensures that students and teachers are presented with an effective and authoritative system for learning and teaching.
  • USJM provides central support for e-learning through staff training and development, e-learning coordination under USJM Computing Services Unit and the establishment of a digital library by strengthening and supporting their resources and function.

Cloud Computing

  • Hosting Services or tasks for which the capacity is insufficient are outsourced. Cloud Computing must only be implemented after approval of the USJM ICT Committee and eventually University Management.

Trouble Shooting

  • Manages IT disruptions in such a manner to restore operations to normal within agreed service levels and business’s priorities.