Ms. Babirye Nanteza Lucy


Message from the Dean of Students

Welcome to University of Saint Joseph Mbarara. We are here to help you achieve your educational goals, navigate the complexities of the campus, serve as your advocate, and ensure you make the most of your campus experience.

Good luck, and I wish you the best 

About the Office of the Dean of Students

The office of the Dean of Students serves as a liaison between students, Faculties and administration and Management to fulfill the mission and Vision of the university. The primary function of the Dean of students  coordinate and oversee the students welfare through leading, directing and administering overall functions of counseling, student associations and discipline of students in the University. The Dean also enhances the quality of student life both in and outside of the classroom. Additionally the Dean oversees sports and recreation, religious activities, counseling activities and the students’ guild.  The Dean of Students also offers guidance and advises the Students’ Guild, the Student governing body. The elections of the Guild President and the Guild Representative Council (GRC) are also overseen by the Dean.

Other Responsibilities of the Dean of Students

Assessing the needs of the students affairs and responding in a timely manner

You should attend to the student’s needs  for guidance and counseling and advise management when there is  need to hire external counselor

Serving as a liaison between the institution administrators and student departments

Creating and implementing departmental goals, policies, budgets and working procedures

Providing structure and proactive leadership to ensure university development

Providing support to students on issues related to the institutional policies, department process and student services.

Directing and managing numerous student incentive programs