Foster Excellence & Integrity


1. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

2. Bachelor of Institutional Governance & Leadership (BIGL)

3. Bachelor of Arts with Education Secondary (BAES)

4. Bachelor of Education Primary (BEP)In-Service/Recess

5. Bachelor of Public Administrative Sciences & Mgt(BPASM)

6. Bachelor of Ethics and Development Studies(BEDS)

7. Bachelor of Office Mgt & Secretarial Studies (BOMSS)

8. Bachelor Counseling (BOC)

9. Bachelor of Mass Communication & Journalism (BMCJ)

10. Bachelor of Human Resource Management (BHRM)

11.Bachelor of Information Systems (BIS)

12.Bachelor of Sc in Information Technology (BSc. IT)

13. Bachelor of Sc with Education Secondary (BSES)

14. Bachelor of Sc in Accounting & Finance (BSAF),

15. Bachelor of Sc in Business Computing (BSBC)

16. Bachelor of Sc in Procurement & Logistics Mgt (BSPLM)

17. Bachelor of Social Work & Societal Transformation (BSWST)


1. Diploma in Education primary (DEP)

2. Diploma in Business Admin and Mgt (DBAM)

3. Diploma in Computer Science (DCS)

4. Diploma in Development Studies,(DDS)


1. Soft Skills and Computer Applications (CSSCA)

2. PC Maintenance, Repair and Trouble-shooting

3. Leadership Skills Development (LSD)

4. Effective School Management (ESM)

5. Monitoring and Evaluation (M & E)

6. Project Planning and Management (PPM)

7. Entrepreneurship for Business Success (CEBS)

8. Finance and Accounting for Non- Accountants


Language Proficiency courses

1. French 4. Chinese

2. English 5. Runyankore

3. Swahili 6. Sign Language

About USJM

Since 2003, the Archdiocese of Mbarara(AoM) has been committed to starting a University as part of its mission and mandate of the church to establish educational institutions of different levels to share in the salvific ministry of Christ by being the salt and light to the world. In 2009, Archbishop’s pastoral letter on starting University of Saint Joseph Mbarara (USJM) stated “Our decision to start a University must be seen as a pastoral priority which takes into account the growth and developments of our Archdiocese. The university will aim at contributing towards improving the livelihoods of our people. It will foster the pastoral mission of the Church: for its academic programmes will be inspired by human and Christian values. We have apropriately chosen a fitting motto of the university namely;”Foster integrity”. Integrity is a characteristic virtue of its patron, Saint Joseph, and we know how much we need it in our personal lives, families, political and socioeconomic sectors”.


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