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I welcome you to University of Saint Joseph Mbarara (USJM), one of the youngest universities, started in 2018 by the Archdiocese of Mbarara (AoM) as part of its mission and mandate to establish educational institutions of different levels to share in the salvific ministry of Christ by being the salt and light to the world. USJM shall provide accessible and holistic university knowledge, relevant skills and innovative technology for a liberating pastoral mission and sustainable development through teaching, research and community service. USJM offers programmes and courses in a number of areas including Business Administration, Accounting and Finance, Procurement and logistics Management, Human Resource, Mass Communication and Journalism, Institutional Governance and Leadership, Social Work and societal transformation, Business Computing,  Information Systems and Information Technology, Ethics and development Studies, Secretarial Studies, Guidance and Counseling, Public Administrative Science and Management, Teacher Training in Arts and Science with Education for  Secondary and Upgrading In-service courses for Primary Education.

All prospective students are therefore invited to join University of Saint Joseph Mbarara, which is a centre of academic excellence and innovation. University of Saint Joseph Mbarara is ready to broaden leaners horizon and equip them with knowledge, skills and competencies that would enable one to face the challenges in the ever-changing and complex global economies that requires multiple skills for survival.


Mandate of the Academic Registrar’s Office:


The mandate of the Position of the Academic Registrar is derived from the Universities and Other Tertiary Institutions Act 2001, as amended.

The roles and responsibilities of the Office of the Academic Registrar revolve around the following major sectors of the universities:

The core function of the Office of the Academic Registrar is to coordinate academic matters in the University namely: Admissions, Examinations, undergraduate and postgraduate studies, management of academic records of students including results, transcripts and certificates, Curriculum Development, Implementation and Review, Academic Ceremonies, Research and Publications. Academic Registrar’s department is the secretariat to the senate and all its committees. In summary, the Academic Registrar’s office is the nerve-centre, key actor and the focal point of all the above listed activities of the University. 

Here under are the key components coordinated by the Academic Registrar’s Office:

  1. Undergraduate and Records
  2. Processing of undergraduate admissions and provision of information to the general public, on programs available at the University;
  3. Liaising with Faculties/Institutes/Schools/Colleges on matters concerning admission;

Registration of both first-year and continuing students on the University programmes, including those at connected institutions

  1. Generating and keeping records of current and former students of the University;
  2. Producing the yearly nominal roll containing information of all Undergraduate registered students.
  3. Examinations and Academic Ceremonies
  4. Organizing and coordination of all University Examinations;
  5. Handling Examination Irregularities/Malpractices issues;

Handling appeal cases on Examination Matters;

  1. Organization and coordination of graduation ceremonies;
  2. Preparing and issuing Academic Transcripts and certificates;
  3. Handling issues of all awards.
  4. Senate
  5. Collaborates with Faculties/Institutes/Schools/Colleges on new programmes
  6. Formulation and review of regulations and policies

Approval of University examination results

  1. Handles all quality assurance issues
  2. Manages and administers all Senate matters.
  3. Postgraduate Admissions and Records
  4. Processing of Postgraduate Admissions and provision of information to the general   public, about programs available at the Graduate School
  5. Liaising with Faculties/Institute/School on admission matters

Registration of graduate students to the University programmes

  1. Generation and keeping records of current and former graduate students of the University
  2. Producing the yearly nominal roll containing information of all Graduate registered students.
  3. Co-ordination of research, research grants and research publications.
  4. Convocation.The Academic Registrar also coordinates activities of the Convocation. This is an association of the graduates of the University and members
    of staff and such other persons as the University Council may authorize.


The Academic Registrar assists the Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic Affairs in the management and administration of all academic matters including
organization of admissions, examinations, undergraduate studies, postgraduate studies and issues of research and publications. He is Secretary to Governing Council, Senate and all its Committees.


The Deputy Academic Registrar organizes and coordinates the admission process for University students, and maintains up-to-date academic records;
and organizes, coordinates and maintains the Examination process in the University. She deputizes the Academic Registrar.


Administrative Secretary deals with day to day office activities including office cleanliness and tidiness, records keeping, photocopying, document filing,
writing and issuing admissions letters to the students, maintenance and ensuring security of all office materials and equipment among others.