Foster Excellence and Integrity

University of Saint Joseph Mbarara

Business is a cogwheel of vast endowments of the worlds’ wealth and an activity of being busy by transforming factors of
production into products and services with the aim of making profits at the same time making the customer happy.

Since business embraces and affects all spheres of life at any point in time, business professionals are marked by expertise of specialized knowledge,
applicable skills and relevant experience in rendering service/advice to society in anticipation of economic rewards. Thus the business of business persons is to be cog-wheelers/gear-wheelers in providing goods and services to the customer and indeed to society.

At USJM, The administration and the lectures are always busy transforming young people into vibrant cog-wheelers of wealth so that they can make a positive difference in caring and serving society.

Furthermore, young people are exposed to societal needs, and encouraged to be creative, imaginative, self-evaluative and to live in harmony with the environment. Young people are enabled to bring out their best and the best to the world.


Faculty courses offered:

The faculty of Business and Social Sciences offers a range of programmes including:-

All these programs are offered on regular and weekend basis. From these programs the students acquire a range of assorted skills related to entrepreneurship, management, finance,
accounting, procurement marketing, public relations, mass media and communication, environment, good governance and self-management.
By engaging in Internship, research, fieldwork and making reports, students internalize what is studied and happens in the world around them.
They are able to solve tough problems and make difficult decisions that are interconnected to social, economic, political, cultural, spiritual and technological environments..